A Topical

Study of the


From a Christian Perspective





M. J. Fisher, M.Div.


Robert C. Douglas, Ph.D.


Jochen Katz




Twenty-two topical chapters

create a quick reference guide.

Each verse is paraphrased

for enhanced understanding.

Biblical comparisons and Islamic

history complete the study.




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About the Author


Rev. M. J. Fisher has been involved in a service ministry to Muslims for decades. He has tested his understanding of the Qur'an through hundreds of personal discussions with Muslims. He has also participated in public dialogues on Christianity and Islam. He has compared the teaching of the Bible and the Qur'an in various churches and Christian conferences. His education includes a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Divinity degree.







  1.   History of Mohammed and the Qur'an

  2.   Christianity and Islam

  3.   Warfare and Peace

  4.   Status of Women

  5.   Marriage and Divorce

  6.   Mohammed

  7.   Creation and Science

  8.   Judgment Day

  9.   Paradise

10.   Hell

11.   Salvation

12.   Free Will – Predestination

13.   Human Characteristics Ascribed to Allah

14.   Bible Characters in the Qur'an

15.   Unusual Tales

16.   Islamic Law

17.   The Qur'an

18.   The Holy Bible

19.   Counterfeit Verses

20.   Christians

21.   Jesus Christ

22.   The Jews

23.   Criminal Punishments

24.   Predicted World Events

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