Behind the Veil

Section One: The Veil of Human Rights


Ch. 1 The Apostate - Relinquishing the Faith

Ch. 2 Offensive War to Spread Islam

Section Two: The Veil of Equality and Justice

Ch. 3 The Status of Women in Islam

Ch. 4 Discrimination between a Muslim and a Non-Muslim

Ch. 5 Slavery in Islam

Section Three: The Veil of Divine Inspiration of the Qur'an

Ch. 6 Scientific Errors of the Qur'an

Ch. 7 Historical Errors of the Qur'an

Ch. 8 Qur'anic Language and Grammatical Mistakes

Ch. 9 Capricious Revelation of the Qur'an

Ch.10 The Abrogator and Abrogated Qur'anic Verses

Ch.11 The Contradictions of the Qur'an

Ch.12 The Perversion of the Qur'an and the Loss of Many Parts of It

Ch.13 The Content of the Qur'an

Ch.14 Some Ordinances and Laws of the Qur'an

Section Four: Facts About Christianity


The complete book can also be downloaded as a zip file.

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