Jalal Abualrub vs. Answering Islam

Preliminary note: Why have many of Jalal Abualrub's articles disappeared?

The latest rebuttals to Abualrub's claims in writing, audio or video are now located on this page.

Jalal Abualrub first contacted us on 29 November 2004 with a debate challenge. After a couple of months of correspondence, he finally wrote on 29 January 2005:

I am not going away ... until the day when I see your website either shut down its evil doors for its confused and fanatical customers, or else I will expose you lying statement by lying statement, and one writer at a time. And I will have great fun dismantling your articles and then your entire religion. Indeed, Allah is the Lord even if the criminal polytheists and disbelievers hate Him.

... i am going to target your website, your authors, your articles, and then you with rebuttal after rebuttal and challenge your lies and distortions one after another, and encourage muslims to do the same, and will also target your religion with criticism, articles that contain much evidence revealing the contradictions in your book, the creed that you invented on your own, etc...the only way you can avert this is by you shutting down your hateful website and disbanding the liars you have for writers...islam is winning this in a big way and christianity is lossing in a big way...

This page will document the progress of Mr. Abualrub's project and list further rebuttals to claims made by him:

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