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Misha'al ibn `Abdullah Al-Kadhi Christian Responses
What Did Jesus Really Say?
1. Edition: HTML version, (incomplete)
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What Indeed Did Jesus Say?
Does the word of God in the noble Qur'an contain contradictions? (390 K) [1], [2], [3], [4] Judge for yourself if he really answers the issues.
Some of his responses are discussed on those contradiction pages that he replied to: Qur'an Contradictions
Claims about Habakkuk 3:3 What it really says
  Trinity (newsgroup posting)
Various other to come Who?

Misha'al Al-Kadhi's main site on "Comparative Religion" (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism) at the MSA of Syracuse has disappeared some months ago (actually all of the quite well done MSA site has disappeared) for no apparent reason, but his materials had already been copied by many other Muslim sites and so are much used in the Islamic Dawah.

His opus magnum (600 pages) is the book What Did Jesus Really Say? which exists already in the second edition since late 1996. It was supposed to be released in print in May 1997 but I have not yet seen it advertised as printed and available. Maybe the first edition didn't go well enough to finance the second edition? Whatever the reason for the non-appearance of this 2nd edition in print, the text is available on the web and his book is advertized on these Muslim web pages: [1], [2] [3], [4], [5] [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], and several more ... increasing every month. Documenation of responses to a request to link to our rebuttal.

An earlier version of much of this material appeared under the title Mankind's Corruption of the Bible available at these pages either in one 480K file or broken down into three parts ([1], [1], [1]) or even more smaller chapters ([1], [2]), sometimes only on one part of it, the "Corruption of the Torah" ([1], [2], [3]).

The Miracle of the Qur'an is another excerpt of the above book (chapter 13) which is sometimes circulated separately ([1], [2], etc.)

The article The Paganism that is Modern Day Christianity, also available under the title Pagan elements in Christianity the Holy Prophet Jesus (PBUH) never condoned are just older versions of Chapter 3 of the main book above. For response see the book rebuttal index.

Similarly, the article on the Dead Sea Scrolls is distributed individually at various places: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Islam is responded to in the two part article The Dead Sea Scrolls contradict the Qur'an and The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christianity

Finally, he has written a response to our page Contradictions in the Qur'an called Does the word of God in the noble Qur'an contain contradictions? available at these pages: [1], [2]

For their site "Answering Christianity" Qais Ali and Rami A. have stolen the text of Misha'al Al-Kadhi's main book he has written on for years, without even acknowledging the author. Just compare the the files you find on their site under Jesus with What did Jesus really say? The same holds for the chapters on Muhammad in the Bible and the general overview on the Bible. Ancient paganism and the dangers of compromise is Misha'al Al-Kadhi's chapter 3 and again without acknowledgement.

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