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"Reflections on Christianity, Islam, Ismailism"

Mr. Meherally is among the few Muslim apologists who put forth some original thoughts [although the quality of his papers have been inconsistent in recent months] as opposed to merely repeating the claims of other Muslim apologists whose trade mark it has often been to thoughtlessly copy arguments against the Bible used by atheists, Unitarians, and Jehovah's Witnesses, or other Muslim writers. We still think Mr. Meherally's articles represents biased research and contains major flaws, but his arguments are definitely some of the most cleverly constructed ones, especially when compared to the superficial arguments of other Muslim apologists such as Misha'al Al-Kadhi.

It is therefore no surprise that articles written by Akbarally Meherally are quite popular and are found on many Islamic sites. Sadly, some of his material is calculated deception, see, for example, the article Issues of Integrity.

This page will collect Christian responses to Mr. Meherally's claims, which he updates on a regular basis. To help our readers to more easily find our response articles, we follow the structure and sequence of presenting his pages on his own web site. At the end, we list responses to articles by Meherally, that are still available on various other Muslim sites, even though they are no longer in use by the author on his own web site.

[ It is interesting to note, that there are also Muslim rebuttals to A. Meherally's theories! ]

  • Meherally on the Bible - Revisited [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3]
  • Meherally and the Taurat - Revisited
  • Meherally's Failure to Respond to Our Challenge
  • A rebuttal to the recent deception and falsehood by "" which claims;
  • Allah is the Lord of Retribution -- Evil doers and Unjust Rulers Be Aware  [1], [2]

  • Profoundly and deeply examining the most often quoted Verses John 8: 58 and 8: 24
    and The Issue of EHYEH in Exodus 3:14
  •  Jesus THE Unique Son of God answers Meherally's polemic against the "only begotten son" of God.
  •  Do Muslims Truly Obey God's Everlasting Command?
  • Paraclete is not the "Holy Spirit"
  • Paul was NOT a "Messenger of God". He testifies being made "a minister"
  •  Why there are TWO SEPARATE SEATS in the Heaven, if there is ONLY ONE GOD?
  • Two CONTRADICTORY TESTIMONIES by Paul regarding His Appointment
    Rebuttal and Rebuttal to AM's response
  •  "Al-Injeel" : The "GOSPEL OF GOD" taught by Jesus
  • Serious Biblical Queries about the CRUCIFIXION & the RESURRECTION

  • 7 Scholarly Bible Studies - "JESUS GOD OR NOT?" - Introduction

  • JOHN 10:30[1],[2];   JOHN 14:9[1],[2];   MT.  28:19[1],[2]  1 JOHN 5:8[1],[2],[3];  GEN. 1:26[1],[2];  JOHN 20:28[1],[2];[3]  MT. 2:11[1]

  • 9 More Scholarly Bible Studies - "JESUS GOD OR NOT?"

  • JOHN 8:58;   MK. 16:19;   ROM. 10:20; JOHN 1:1 to 9 & 14[1],[2]  ISAIAH 9:6; MT. 1:23, 14:25JN. 11:44PHIL. 2:6/7REV. 1:8

  • Tangible and Perceivable *CONCLUSIVE PROOF*
  • Does not the concept "Only Saviour" makes Jesus MIGHTIER than his Father?

  • Refuting INNOVATED Beliefs with the aid of "REVISED VERSIONS" of the Bible

  • JOHN 3:16; 1 JOHN 5:7 & 8; JOHN 3:3  ISAIAH 7:14;  BOOK OF HEBREWS

  • Jesus was the "WAY" not the "DESTINATION" !!!

  •  Please Read the "TEXT" of the 'DOCTRINE OF TRINITY' and Reflect

  •   The 'SILENCE of Jesus'   v/s  The 'SWORD of Muhammad'

  • The Three Progressive "CONFESSIONS OF FAITH"

  • Examining the "MISQUOTED" Epistle by St. Paul


  • Wisdom of Expounding Ahadith as THE RE-NARRATED REPORTS
  •  Did Jesus address "God" as "My Father"?
  • Web Site "" adopts DECEPTION/LIE? [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]

  • Qur'an does not say; "JESUS WAS SUBSTITUTED" on the CROSS

  •   What is the "MOST IMPORTANT" example from prophet's life for a Muslim?

  • What Islam HAS TO OFFER that Christianity "CANNOT"?

  •   The Qur'an does not include "MARY" in "The Trinity"

  • "CHRIST, MARY & CHRISTIANS" in the Qur'an

  • The Refutation to: "Allah is the name of a MOON-GOD"

  • The "SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES" of  our era in the Qur'an
  • The Cratons are Pegs of the Continental Structure...
    Our Atmosphere is a Protecting Shield...
    Light Rays Disappear under a Deep Ocean in successive Layers
    The Universe was Cleft Asunder...
    The Universe Pulsates (Oscillates), it Expands and Contracts...
    The Universe is Currently Expanding...
    The Science of Embryogeny... [1] / [2]
    The Stage by Stage Embryonic Development... [1] / [2] / [3]
    The Determination of the Gender...
    The Existence of Pairs in All Creations...
    The Recreation of our Dermatoglyphics...

  •  God's "MASTER PLAN" for the making of ISLAM was foretold in the BIBLE
  •  "Biblical PROPHECIES" that have been fulfilled - Part I: [1], [2]
  •  "Biblical PROPHECIES" that have been fulfilled - Part II: [1], [2]

  • Muslim Rebuttals to Meherally:

    Earlier material by Meherally, not or no longer in use on his own web site

    Originally our rebuttal site started with Mr. Meherally's main entry on his web site, "The Bible FAQ". However, after the refutation of his article was presented by a Christian, Meherally has eventually removed it from of his site in the original format. It is however still available at various other web sites and the rebuttal is worth keeping also because similar arguments are made by many Muslims.

    Akbarally Meherally Christian Response
    The Bible FAQ
    ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9])
    Faq for Faq: Questions 1-9[*], 10-20[*], 21-23[*], 24-25[*]
    (Visit the author's home page for more material.)

    Even though Mr. Meherally has given up on the FAQ series itself, he has not repented of his errors but only reshuffled most of the material, given it a new title and a new sequence in which the old questions are presented. It is now called "Jesus, God or Not?", found above.

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