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"Islam Answers"

Arabic Paper has quite a number of vitriolic and hateful articles on their site "Islam Answers" originally titled "Enemies of Islam" for the first several months.

Even some Muslims are not thinking very highly of it. Originally I had no intention to respond to the obviously ridiculous, but since others have done the work, it might as well be pointed out.

In January 1999, this site moved here while the link from the original site points to Christianity under the Microscope. Some articles I cannot find at all anymore, which doesn't mean our answer has to be removed as well. They remain instructive.

Arabic Paper Response
The article "Alcohol in Christianity" was posted by arabic paper to newsgroups as well as on its web site. The Muslim Abdulrahman Lomax gives as good a response as we could, so that we are grateful to point to his and save us investing more effort.
Again, newsgroup and web on Lot Lot and his daughters, incest, ... a Muslim answer
The so-called the "BIBLE" Response
What Did Jesus Really Say?
(site created/managed by Arabic Paper)
Our rebuttal

Further Muslims who find material like the one used by Arabic Paper and other Muslim sites to be offensive and insulting: Mohamed Ghounem, ...

Arabic Paper might do well to ponder its Use of Atheist Material and why this is intellectual suicide. Most of the material against the Bible is taken from the atheist pages. Take that away and there is no case left.

Arabic paper loves to discuss obscenities ([1], [2] (or what they try to make appear as such) and attack the Bible on this route. If they really seek a shouting match on this low level I am sure they are able to find the relevant articles on this Hindu site and then think again whether that is a reasonable approach.

Basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims is a further page about Christianity which not accessible from the above general page of anti-Christian articles. It is taken verbatim from Misha'al Al-Kadhi's book "What Did Jesus Really Say?", section "Goal of this book". Our book rebuttal is at this page.

Muslim attacks on Christianity
Answering Islam Home Page

For those who like that kind of stuff, here some more statements from the web master of Arabic Paper: [1], [2], [3], [4]