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"Answering Christianity"

Since Mr. Smith does nearly only collect links to other sites and has hardly done any own work to answer Christianity there is not much to do in response on his page.

However, to one of those articles he wrote his own introduction, stating:

On the next page he continues to formulate "The Challenge" which he concludes with:

Based on this good invitation, I wrote him an email on June 25, 1998, stating among other things:

     You feature Sabbir Ally's 101 Bible contradictions at

     And you quote "come let us reason TOGETHER". 

     Would you then also be willing to link on that page as well
     to responses to those and other contradictions at

     Looking forward to your response.

Mr. Smith immediately refused. This raises the question: What does he mean when he says that "any argument should be examined thoroughly" and invites the reader "let us reason together"? Was his challenge honest? What would he say if we were to formulate a similar challenge regarding the our list of Qur'an contradictions and would then refuse to give the Muslims a voice to respond?

After displaying Shabir Ally's list of "101 Bible Contradictions" he then extends the challenge to the Qur'an with these words of conclusion:

How do we know that a book claimed to be from God is really the Book of God. One of the tests, is - the message emanating from an Omniscient (all knowing) Being MUST be consistent with itself. It ought to be free from all discrepancies and contradictions. (Pg.34)

Do you think that this a fair statement, the idea that something from God will not contain any contradictions? I think we can all agree that this is a fair statement. Given what Mr. Deedat has provided us with as an acid test as to the truth of a book which claims to be from God, let us now turn to the Holy Quran, the book Muslims claim is the word of God, and see what it has to say:

Do they not ponder over the Quran? Had it been from any other than God, surely there would have been many contradictions in it. (Quran Chapter 4:82)

Perhaps many of my readers have doubts that the Quran is the word of God. In this verse the reader is being admonished to consider the Quran by giving close attention to it , and to verify if our doubts are genuine and whether it is from God or not. We are asked to verify the authenticity of the words of the Holy Quran with a simple test - if it is from other than God there will many be discrepancies in it.

So now the responsibility is on us to take up this challenge and see if the Quran is from God or not. ... I think you will be very surprised by what you find. What do you possibly have to lose by taking up my challenge?

We have to ask this question:

Why would Mr. Smith not allow the reader to examine the Bible and the Qur'an according to the same standards? Why would he neither provide a link to Christian answers to his list of Bible contradictions nor a link to the Qur'an contradictions so that Bible and Qur'an can be examined on a similar basis by using comparable methods of evaluation? Indeed, he said it well himself:

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