This page is not to be misunderstood as an authoritative or comprehensive explantion or refutation of Islamic Sharia Law. Fiqh (jurisprudence) is a huge area of Islamic studies. This page is mainly a reference page with links which we found helpful to have at hand, and we expect that some of our readers find them helpful as well. Hardly any of these links point to material on our own site.

Different Issues Regarding Sharia Law


A good introductory article by H.A.R. Gibb: The Shari'a

The Archbishop and Sharia provides discussion material on the suggestion of introducing (elements of) Sharia into Western Law.

Mufti encourages Muslims to break the law of their country of residence

Is the Sharia applicable today? ... Was there ever a time when it worked?
Questions like these are reflected upon in this book by Emir Rishawi.

Some articles on Islamic Sharia Law (mostly Muslim):

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