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You probably came to this page because you want to respond to one or more of Answering Islam's help requests — by sharing information, suggesting further links for our pages, offering an article or testimony for publication on our site, telling us about your desire to establish a new language section or to help in translating our material into other languages, informing us of a typo on any of our pages, etc.

To make it easier for us, please state what page you are refering to (press the back button and copy the address of the page into your message to us), so that we know which page you are talking about out of the many thousand pages we have online.

Then send your suggestion to: help-ai2011©
[NOTE: You must change the © to @ before sending your message.]

We have a high volume of feedback messages, but we will read all of them. Most suggestions we will incorporate into the site, but we cannot always respond back.

Therefore, let me express our gratefulness for your support and helping that our site can improve step by step. We truly appreciate the effort you take to make Answering Islam a better site that can serve you and others with integrity and quality of information.

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