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Topic: The Trinity & the Beauty of the Qur'an

Received: 7 September 2005

Subject: trinity

u ppl believe in the trinity of God, which according to my faith is wrong as God is opne not three. your concept that God let his own son be crucified is a point against your claim that there is only one god as u say that there was one on the earth and the one on the heavens sarificed the one on the ground. the decision was taken by someone in teh heavens, not that Jesus decide that he wanted to be crucified for his people. i mean,. it is really confusing. can u make it clear.

u ppl t trying to prove that the holy Quran is corrupted or written by the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). then do this: write a book like the Holy Quran or even ten surahs like it, and call any one to your help except the Quran and the Muslims.

hope u have time: may allah guide u to the right path

Our answer:

Hello ----,

Thanks for writing, I'm glad that has gotten you thinking more about God. The site has many excellent articles on this subject, so I will limit my remarks to this…

God’s tri-unity is quite complicated; in fact, it’s probably the most complicated revelation in the entire Bible. I like to compare it to nuclear physics: you have to study it for a long time before you understand it, and most people never get that far unless they really want to spend the rest of their lives deeply involved. When you look at the stars which have nuclear reactions inside, you don't say, "I don't believe in stars because nuclear physics doesn't make sense." Likewise, when a Christian prays to the LORD God, he doesn't say, "I don't believe in God because the trinity doesn't make sense."  Just because many people don't understand something, doesn't mean it’s wrong.  However… if a person is motivated enough to study, after a long time, they will usually understand. In fact, once a person begins to understand nuclear physics or the trinity, such concepts turn out to be both sensible and eloquent! If you're willing to spend hours and hours on the subject, work to have an open mind…then I'd love to try to explain it to you. In any case, please don't follow the temptation to say, "It's too confusing, so it must be wrong."

Concerning the Qur’an… nothing can be proven by beauty because a proof is empirical; it does not depend on opinion or emotions. When nuclear physics is proven to be true, scientists do not appeal to anyone's feelings, but to logic and the scientific method. Beauty is subjective; it does depend on opinions and emotions.  They can't be combined; they're like apples and oranges.  It would be like using a watch to measure how tall I am.

I don't know Arabic, but I trust Muslims that the Qur'an is beautifully written. Honestly, maybe it is the most beautiful sounding thing in the world - I don't know because I can't read it. Even if it were, that wouldn't make it God's revelation necessarily.  If the most beautiful man or women came to you and said, "I'm a prophet. Believe me because no one else can look like me." What would you say?

Several Christians have written surahs.  I don't know if they're as beautiful.  Obviously the people that wrote them think they are. If you think they are, then there you are! If not, then why is your opinion right and their opinion wrong? Or are they both right?

What do you think?



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