Answering Islam Email Dialogs

In this section we will display some selected email correspondence with our readers. It will contain messages we received and our answers. We receive some sixty emails per week. It would be impossible to display all our correspondence here. This section will give our readers some insight what kind of questions we receive, and what kind of answers we give to them.

To protect the identity of those who contact us, we will remove the name and email address from the message, and perhaps some personal details that would identify the person emailing us. Otherwise, messages will not be edited but displayed exactly as received by us. We may, however, occasionally correct or improve our answer compared to what we had originally sent out.

The following topics are some that are either typical, unusual, issues not covered elsewhere on our site, or simply interesting for different reasons. We intend to regularly add new samples of our correspondences.

About Christianity

About Islam

About Meeting Muslims

About Answering Islam, i.e. regarding our motivation, methodology, knowledge, etc.

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