Material Removed from the "Answering Islam" Site

Everyone makes mistakes and we are no different. We are absolutely serious about our committment to truth, stated on our home page:

If you find any factual mistakes [whether misprints or a false representation of doctrines] on these pages, or things that are worded in an offensive way, we would like to correct that.

So far only one Muslim has taken us up on this offer and suggested a change. Many have sent us email claiming that our site is "full of lies" but when asked for specific factual corrections we usually receive only silence.

Some history

Over the years we have changed many things on these pages though, but have not kept track of it. Most of the mistakes were found by us ourselves and we quickly corrected them. Some mistakes have been found by Christian readers and pointed out to us and we want to specifically thank all who took the effort to do so. In order to encourage people to take the above offer serious and to give feedback, we will now start to document these changes and this file is properly placed in the "Rumors" section. There is no ill-will or bad intention on our part. We have the goal to be honest and truthful all our presentation. It is God's truth that is our highest priority and we present what we understand to be true or at least do not know to be false and think to be worthy of consideration.

This "removal page" was started in November 16, 1997, at the same time with the writing of the article Did Muhammad Plagiarize Imrau'l Qais? Since this claim would have been very strong if true, I wanted to make very sure that the references are solid. It took a long time to get a hold of the book, but due to my findings presented in the above article I removed in late 1996 a section in this article on the miraculous nature of the Qur'an that had been contributed to our site earlier. Due to this information the claim on Imrau'l Qais was also removed from part E2 of this critical paper on the Qur'an. Only this week did it occur to me that it might be beneficial to not only personally ask various authors to remove this misinformation from their writings but to write up these findings themselves in an article and make it available on the web as this might be the most effective way to get rid of this rumor once and for all.

The only sub section of our site that has received many (mainly) Muslim responses, is the topic of Qur'an Contradictions. Two contradictions have been removed due to information provided by an Arabic Christian convert from Islam. Most of the Muslim responses have been incorporated on the pages discussing the contradictions so that all can judge for themselves if the difficulty is resolved to full satisfaction or not.

Further factual errors we found ourselves:

  • In the section on the killing of Muhammad's enemies, Ibn Abu'l Huqaiq and Abu Rafe were thought to be two different people because they are called by different names in different reports. Reading in the sirat I realized this is one person only. In consequence, the chapter on Muhammad's treatment of his enemies was corrected, as well as another book that will go online soon.

    Improvements on our site due to the initiative of our readers:

  • Mohamed Ghounem's suggestions
  • Yahya 'Abd al 'Alim: [*, *, *, *]
  • Correction of an editorial oversight
  • A note of correction was added in an article about women
  • A quotation from a work alleged to be written by Yohanan Ben Zakkai turned out to be wrong, and therefore the section containing the quotation and a couple of comments on it was removed from the article Jesus in the Rabbinic Traditions. We are grateful to the Muslim author who pointed out this error in the article Yalqut Shamouni.
  • ... Here could be your contribution for holding us accountable to our offer.

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