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We receive so many responses to our site that no one person is able to manage them all. We are grateful for a team of committed volunteers who are willing to correspond with all those who have serious questions. We do our best to reply to each person who sends us a message. Please be patient; it may take some time before we are able to reply. Usually you should get a reply within a week or two.

We welcome your feedback. Your opinion is important to us. Your message to us will be read by at least one of Answering Islam's core members, though most emails will then be answered by one of our correspondence team volunteers. Due to the large number of emails in response to our site, we ask you to respect the following guidelines:

Please do not send us copies of entire web pages. First, there is good chance that we have already seen them. Second, we cannot respond to everything a third party has written. However, we are interested in your personal opinion. If you want to draw our attention to material published on the web, please send us only the page address, along with your comment, explaining your concern and why we should read that page. Thank you.

Our mailserver does not accept messages larger than 20 K. If you need to send us a larger file, please first inform us of what you want to send and we will give you a different email address to send it to.

We look forward to communicating with you.

Your Answering Islam Team

[Additional Note: All email accounts hosted on our domain are set up in a way that they can only RECEIVE feedback email to our site. Recently there have been some fraudulent email messages with forged sender address supposedly sent from a previous address (*, *). You will NEVER receive email from us coming FROM any of the above mentioned addresses ending in, but only from the personal account of the person answering to your request.]

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