Answers to Mohamed Ghounem's publications


M. Ghounem's opus magnum, 200+ Ways the Quran Corrects the Bible, is reviewed by

"Who is Our Savior (Allah or Jesus)?"

Chapter 1 : Salvation

  Who is Mr Ghounem's Saviour?
  The Illusional Gift? - Only to Ghounem

Chapter 2 : Divinity

  Prophet or disciple?
  Did Jesus deny being God?
  Is God Afraid of us?
  'I am' or 'I was'?
  Who are Eve's Parents?
  Response to Ghounem’s Reply to "Some Forgotten Sayings of Jesus"

Chapter 3 : The Bible

 Was Isaac or Ishmael to be sacrificed?
 Is the Gospel Originally in Greek or Hebrew?
 The Gospel of John

Chapter 4 : Crucifixion

Chapter 5 : Paul

Chapter 6 : Unity

Chapter 7 : Miracles and Challenges

Chapter 8 : Miscellaneous

Mohamed Ghounem also created a website called "Jews for Allah".

Two comments/responses to that:

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