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Download Zipfiles to Update Your Answering Islam CD

How to update the content of your Answering Islam CD (up to 22 February 2008)

Outline: Three easy steps:

Detailed Instructions: To ensure everything works properly, please follow the steps in the order given here!

For those users of Answering Islam who have kept up with the series of earlier updates we offer partial updates containing all the new or improved content uploaded to the site between between 21 August 2006 and 22 February 2008. All others can now get one cumulative update of all materials added since the production of the Answering Islam CD-ROM in December 2002.

  1. Open the file "new.html" in the root of the CD. [Alternatively, start the CD and click on the entry "New Articles" in the main menue to arrive at the same file.] How you will continue from here, depends on the first date found near the top of the file, giving you the time until which your CD is up-to-date.

    Date of top entry in "new.html" is Update files to choose:
    before 21 August 2006get the complete update C
    between 21 August 2006 and 7 July 2007get the partial update B
    between 7 July 2007 and 22 February 2008get the partial update A
    23 February 2008 or lateryour CD already contains the most recent CD version;
    no need to update, simply enjoy the use of your CD.
  2. Copy the complete content of your Answering Islam CD-ROM to a new folder on your harddrive (suggestion: call this folder "AI-CD"). [If you have done Answering Islam CD updates before, you can skip this step and just re-use that folder.]
  3. Each of the three different updates is offered as one large file for people with fast internet connections and also split up into several zip files of 3 MB maximum in order to enable people with slow connections to safely download them. Download the appropriate file or set of update zip files and save them in the directory "AI-CD":

      One file Split zipfiles
    partial update A: (57 MB),,,,,,,,,,,
    partial update B: (127 MB),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    complete update C: (193 MB),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    [ The last 6 resp. 11 split zipfiles in category A resp. B and C are larger than 3 MB
    because they are Malaysian and Thai .mp3 files that could not be split into smaller parts. ]
  4. Unpack these downloaded zipfiles into the folder "AI-CD", i.e. double click on each of them, then use "Extract here" or "Extract with destination ‘AI-CD’." If you are prompted to choose whether or not to replace a certain file, choose "Replace All". This procedure should then automatically add the new files and overwrite old ones with the updated files.

    If you encounter problems because the above description does not work for you, or the end product has unexplicable errors, please let us know about it, so that we can improve the instructions or correct errors in the above update files. Please consult first the page giving answers on some frequently asked questions.
  5. Remove the downloaded zip files from the folder "AI-CD".
  6. Either use the site directly from your harddrive, or burn the content of the folder "AI-CD" on a new CD-ROM. If you burn a new copy, make sure that only the content of "AI-CD" is placed at the root of the CD, not the folder "AI-CD" itself, because otherwise the autostart feature will not work. [Note: We recommend that you keep the folder "AI-CD" on your harddrive in its current state, as the next updates will re-use it and continue at this point, see step 2.]
  7. Your Answering Islam CD-edition is now current as of 22 February 2008.

Obviously, all these zipfiles will only be of value to you, if you actually have an Answering Islam CD. If you don't, you may want to know ...

Since 22 February 2008 there is an alternative: Download the complete CD-edition with BitTorrent [375 MB].

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