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Why Muslims become Christians

For some of these brothers and sisters it is important that the area where they live now, or where they originally come from, is not too closely identified to ensure either their own safety or that of their families. Others do not have as great safety concerns and a country name is given. Many of these believers from Muslim background are "online" and welcome your response. Those with email are listed first in each category. A * after the name means the testimony is available in several languages, usually English and the native language of the convert. Most of the testimonies were written by former orthodox and practicing Muslims, some came from a nominal or sectarian Muslim background.

Some necessary comments on copyright, use and abuse of these testimonies.

Men Women
Middle East Al-Gharib, Bassam, Younathan, Abdul S., Emir R., Omar*, Shawqui, Abd El-Fady Fatimah, Seham
Israel Walid  
Egypt Ibrahim*, Bahaa el-Din el-Akkad, Adel, Sheikh Mansour*, Suraj El-Din, Mahmoud, Ahmad  
Palestine Masab Yousef, Joseph, Tahir, Thayer* Amal
Jordan   Fatima
Iraq Khaled, Abdullah, Monthir*, Samir  
Kurdistan Azad, Ali, Sinur, Zana  
Kuwait Ibrahim  
Syria Kamil, Ziad* Amina
Lebanon Haytham (Druze)  
Kosovo Ibrahim*  
Turkey Masud, Yücel*, Erkin, Zinnur*, Mustafa*, Baris*, Taryk Hatice*, Pinar, B.N.*, Sirpil
Saudi Arabia Mutee'a Al-Fadi, Ubaidullah*, A Brother  
Iran Mohammad, Dr. Hormoz, Behnam, Bagher, Saeed, Ali, Hussein, Mansur Sara, V. S., Nadereh, Halimeh, N.N.
Russia Farid* Khadija*
Pakistan Farooq Ibrahim, Paul Michael, Mawlawi Dr. Imad ud-Din Lahiz, Barakat Ullah, Abdul Haqq*, Mohammad, N.N., N.N., Steven Masood, G.M. Naaman Esther
India Dr. Deshmukh, K.K. Alavi*, N.N., John A Subhan  
Afghanistan Hussain Andaryas, Zia Nodrat*, Sultan Muhammad Paul*, N.N., more  
Morocco Jamel, Sami, Mustafa, Mouhammad, several in Arabic Malika*
Algeria Kader, Hamid, T.A., Ahmed N.N., Dalila
Nigeria Adewale, Garba Adamu  
East Africa   Leah
West Africa Gunjoa  
Somalia Liiban, N.N.  
Far East Baharom Siti Zainab*, Rabiyah
Indonesia D., Hamran Ambrie(*), Mathius, Kartini, Hamzah*, N.N.  
Malaysia Sharafuddin*, Chariah*, Faisal, Yahya*, Tarmizi*, Hisham*, Hamzah, Anuar Aishah*, Rogayyah*, Jamilah (.mp3), Sharifah*
Trinidad Fareed  
Unidentified Omar, N.N.  
United Kingdom Naz (Ismaili) Khadija Butt
United States,
Nabeel Qureshi, Khalif M. Hassan (NoI), Omar Muhammad (NoI) Martha, Negeen, W.L. Cati, Grace, Mary
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Dear brothers and sisters from Muslim background, there are many of you, I know this. I hope the above articles will show more of you the necessity to speak up and let the Muslims know of the fact that it is not so uncommon for Muslims to find to the truth of God in Jesus our Savior and Lord, and the reason for your new faith.

Miscellaneous important and/or interesting conversion reports

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Falsly claimed conversions to Islam

"Buying converts" is an Islamic practice that is not often spoken about:

Some non-converts explain why they are Christian rather than Muslim:

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